Less Annoying Business: Make support more efficient without making it worse

published4 months ago
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Hey there,

Tyler from Less Annoying Business here. Here's what's new:

New content

​How to make customer service more efficient without making it worse [Blog post]
For almost a decade, I was afraid of trying to make the customer service team at Less Annoying CRM more efficient. We finally started working on efficiency, and magically, the quality of support actually got better.

​Can a course business succeed even if no one finishes them? [Podcast]
As you may know, I create a course on how to make a small business website. I've gotten good feedback, but it seems like almost no one actually completed the course. In this episode, we discuss how that's normal, and not necessarily a bad thing.

What I've been working on

This was a big week at Less Annoying CRM. We reopened our office! Here's a Twitter thread I wrote about some of the changes we made (click to read the whole thing on Twitter).

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Tyler King
May 28th 2021

Now that I have my own private office, I've been a bit distracted by trying to get it set up the way I want it. I upgraded my home office significantly during the pandemic, so my standards are a lot higher now.

Good shit on the internet

Here are some things I read this week that I liked:

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May 27th 2021

I always tell interns to ask more questions, and they never do. If you're early in your career, I seriously don't think there's anything more impactful to your career than asking questions. I get that it's scary and you're worried that if you ask too many questions you'll be a burden, but your manager wants to help you, so let them!


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Dare Obasanjo
May 21st 2021

One of my favorite business concepts is "addition by subtraction". When's the last time you examined things that could be removed from your company? If you manage people, this is a *great* one-on-one question to ask them. What meetings don't need to happen? What processes do more harm than good? When's the last time you had an idea on how to improve something, but policy got in the way?

​How course businesses work [Podcast]
I learned a lot from the discussion about course completion rates in this episode. It was actually the inspiration behind the Startup to Last episode this week.


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