Entrepreneur vs. CEO

published3 months ago
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Hey there,

Hope you had a good week! I took Thursday and Friday off, so I'm feeling relaxed and ready to hit the ground running on Monday.

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What I've been working on

  • As I mentioned above, I took a couple days off last week. If you haven't been doing that, I strongly recommend it. I know it's weird taking "vacation" in a pandemic (I just hung out at home) but breaks are important even if you're not doing anything exciting.
  • Less Annoying CRM had a DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) workshop. I learned a lot, and we put a good foundation in place for us to continue working to improve in the future.
  • I was on support this weekend. The CRM Coaches (the support people at LACRM) take turns covering support each weekend, and I'm in the rotation, so I do this roughly once every two months. I think it's helpful for two reasons: 1) Leaders shouldn't ask their employees to do something they're not willing to do, 2) I get a new perspective on customer issues that I don't get from doing a normal hour of support during the week. Handling all of the tickets all by yourself gives a better perspective.


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