Empowering employees to be leaders

publishedabout 2 months ago
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Hey there,

Tyler from Less Annoying Business here. Here's what I've been up to:

New content

How I'd build a Twitter network from scratch [Blog post]
Over the last couple years, I've gotten so much value from Twitter, and it's mostly from my network (mutual followers) more than an audience. I wrote about how I'd build a Twitter network like this from scratch.

Empowering employees to be leaders [Podcast]
I gave a presentation to the LACRM team this week covering a variety of topics. I go through the main highlights in this week's podcast.

What I've been working on

As I mentioned last week, I've been prepping a big presentation for the Less Annoying CRM team. If you want all the details, listen to the podcast linked above. Here's a summary of what I announced:

  • We're planning on re-opening the office on May 26th for people who are vaccinated. It's pretty wild to think that such a major part of life is returning to normal (knock on wood).
  • We're starting a new remote work policy. Instead of letting everyone choose one day per week to work remotely, we're making Wednesday and Thursday in-office days, and the other three days are all optional remote work days. I personally plan on working from home every Monday and Tuesday, plus some Fridays.
  • I did a deep dive on how DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) fits into the company. It's one of our main four areas of focus (the others are product, customer service, and marketing) but it's not right to think of it as its own department. Instead, it's a foundational layer upon which the three main departments are built. I believe that treating DEI work as a separate discipline excuses the other teams if they don't achieve equitable outcomes.
  • I announced a new leadership team. Prior to this, we had a group called the "partners" (the first four employees including me, the people with the most financial stake in the business) which acted as a de facto leadership team. As the business has grown, the leadership roles have expanded beyond what the partners do, so this leadership team allows us to better reflect the actual structure of the company. I'm really excited about this for a variety of reasons, including that it will give me a team of people to bring issues to rather than trying to handle everything myself. It feels like a big step for the company.


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