Building and launching a new content site in one week

published4 months ago
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Hey there,

Tyler from Less Annoying Business here. This is my very first weekly newsletter. Like, ever. I really appreciate that you're along for the ride. I'll experiment with the format of these newsletters to hopefully keep them as valuable as possible, so if you have any feedback at all, please let me know!

New content this week

As I'll explain below, I spent pretty much all week on content, so there's more new stuff than I can reasonably share here. But here are some highlights:

What I've been working on

A few times per year I try to unplug from normal work for a week or two and dive deep into a bigger project. I just wrapped up one of these weeks, during which time I build this website (Less Annoying Business) from scratch.

I set up the brand new site with Webflow, set up ConvertKit to host this newsletter you're reading right now, wrote a bunch of blog posts, made an email course to help low-tech small businesses create their own website, and created a Youtube channel. It was a pretty intense week. Totally unsustainable, but I love having sprints like this from time to time.

You probably already follow me on Twitter (if not, how did you even hear about this?) but if not, you can see my daily updates there:

Ok, back to real life. My normal updates won't be quite this manic, and they'll probably be more focused on my work at Less Annoying CRM since that's where I spend most of my time normally.


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